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The Eastern Pearl Hotel (Dongfang Zhenzhu Fandian) is an international business hotel located in the center of Zhujiang Lu-adjacent to the picturesque Pearl Park.

Guestrooms are equipped with broadband internet access.

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住客评论 3113条评论     4.4分/5分 更多
  • mscrystal
    Generally okay
  • candy_tiger
    Previous school on the edge of, finally, feels good
  • jwrlll
    The location is good. Subway Line 3 line Boardwalk that is. or the city centre are within walking distance of the many attractions ... is a four star hotel in old. health is also good. is slightly less noise ... is a residential area next to the hotel. Windows that open air sleep at night with the sound of cooking pot.
  • e03087511
    Hotel location and convenient transportation, is too cramped at the door
  • E02808347
    Situated right next to the metro station. Comfortable and welcoming; well-priced.
  • seapage
    The are is satisfaction. traffic is convenient, high-speed rail down sat Metro Line 3 line to pontoon station Xia, 2nd, out population turn is, to airport and near attractions sat Metro are can to, main is Hotel health also is good, wireless signal very strong, air conditioning to force, bath water volume big, service good, to Nanjing this hotel worth push save, try try on know has.
  • conan1170
    Transportation is very convenient, room service was very good, and come again
  • mrr19890105
    Old hotel, the device is a bit old. transportation is convenient, suitable for business travel.
  • louisyang
    Convenient, good; next time
  • ssggxl
    Nice Super from Metro station
  • a2307701719
    Together with her parents and family to evaluate the good
  • sunsmile_38
    The 3rd Metro Bridge station, convenient maximum benefit, facility slightly old, but health clean, service is good!
  • Addison
    Excellent service very good
  • seangigi
    Very satisfied
  • liesasun
    Transportation is very convenient, the door is the Subway Line 3 line, to the various attractions convenient. decoration of the hotel is old, service fine., has all kinds of facilities,
  • GGD333
    You can also. it's convenient. high room 398
  • Jeremylulu
    Comprehensive, convenient
  • cargomao
    Hotel is a bit old, room was small, breakfast was simple, staff were very friendly
  • jinr77840
    All right
  • liferules
    So-so, and attendant good, praise
  • COLA911
    Friend in the field, located in downtown, next to road e-Street, the traffic is very convenient. prices are also relatively modest. overall impression was good.
  • Andsonng
    After pass line Line 3, hotel travel more convenient. taxi-in fact it is not difficult
  • aifay
    Recommendation of a good
  • nuturient
    Old hotel, all is good. Main to praised about night duty of security small guy, very responsible. late 11 points more to hotel, way sharp skylights cross with open with forget shut has, night rain, car automatically alarm, security guy night at three o'clock playing room phone notification I, I staying Shi no registration license plate, description he remember I of car what when stopped into hotel of, quite responsible! although car into has some rain, didn't any effect, laterNanjing, but heavy rain in the morning ... thanks to the conscientious staff! recommended hotels to the security guard on duty on certain rewards!
  • justlin
    Sanitation is poor, facilities or not, the only noise is the window small
  • roflyer
    Hotel is close to Metro station, outing is very convenient
  • LOVE-Ching
    And other hotel is the most user-friendly is: customer service in the drying of clothes hangers, wife of praise! hotel facilities great, less than 50 metres from the Metro Line 3 line Pontoon stand, quite satisfactory.
  • cjfree
    Hotel location is very convenient, I was to the South of Nanjing, Line 3 line Bridge station was 2nd. next to Starbucks. Hotel should be a couple of years, but refurbished, so the inside is very clean. No. 48 for breakfast. If it is a travel office, location good! recommended
  • alice_wy
    Nanjing Zhujiang road, not too far from 1912, the only downside I think parking is not too convenient
  • fdm0846
    Which is very nice
  • e03946278
    Hotel location was excellent, clean
  • lj788
    The transportation is very convenient, could arrive to the attractions in a relatively short time.
  • ayubon
    Hotel is great, service is good, clean and also very clean, good location, traffic is very convenient. generally is recommended
  • candyliu84
    Hotel room was very large, decor is also good, and around convenience.
  • gby927
    Pretty good
  • liufeng013
    Front desk operations is strange! so called 4 star hotel, the facilities than than 3 stars. Parking sanliujiudeng room rate, pretty speechless
  • peacexing
    Feeling good
  • buels
    Location was great, the service was excellent, would stay for three days, but do not understand clearly not this weekend but on the last day the price. can get to xinjiekou went. Room facilities are relatively new, breakfast was also very nice to meet the four-star standard. also has a very nice Starbucks downstairs. 1912 just a few steps
  • aa1601
    Great location, very good hotel
  • dingyan13
    Very good, the service was very helpful, really going to send cookies in the evening, and the traffic is very convenient, Metro Hotel on the edge of total reviews.
  • bbnesta
    Very good hotel
  • arcsu
    Is the room too small, breakfast starts at 6:30 as well.
  • laogongforever
    Clean rooms, very good, surrounding traffic is convenient, is a satisfying trip.
  • He didi
    Hotel transportation is convenient, facilities a bit too old, upgrade the service level has yet to be
  • lijin_li
    On one side, can feel, the main is the location is very convenient
  • fymagic
    Environment can be ~ ~ ~ always ~ ~ ~
  • foybay
    Hotel parking is free of charge arrangements would be nice.
  • an0420
    Go to Nanjing for the weekend dozens of people, a mahjong table in the room at the hotel, and the location very convenient for my visitors.
  • bisunny
    Hotel service is good, the traffic is very convenient, just next to the Metro station. all facilities in the room, very clean, should be the high cost of hotel worthy of recommendation.
  • jxc1234
    Hotel traffic lots is good, distance 1912 bar a article Street is near, downstairs Starbucks McDonald's KFC Su fruit supermarket are in 2 minutes away within. waiter of attitude are also can, let took several towel is enthusiasm to said to to I set supplies, fear we people more. has a closet in bed side find slippers find has long, bathroom somewhat small, toilet sat down Hou boys 1.8-meter on certainly will head met Taiwan basin, ware are is TOTO of also can, leading not know what brand,With of feel is tight, somewhat broke not moving of feel. in background basin pipes leaking, called has repair personnel later fix has, service also also can. bath of spent sprinkled top spray type of is good, flow is big. bed back Board is wood feel somewhat hard, not soft package somewhat poor. room in has a big desk feel somewhat accounted for place, no words, feel place will more big more comfortable.